Composting Unit Machinery

Mushroom Machinery

We are the manufacturer of all types of Mushroom Farming Machinery for Button Mushroom, Oyster Mushroom and Milky Mushroom. Our machinery are fully automatic, Semi-automatic as well as computerized to maintained favorable environmental condition within Mushroom growing rooms and composting unit to produce best quality of Mushrooms throughout the year. Composting Unit Setup | Mushroom Machines So, with this modern technology based machinery you can grow a constant production of Mushroom per day no matter what is the external environmental condition.

Compost Turner

  • Proper mixing of compost & there components
  • Provide good aeration & maintain moisture level in compost
  • Available in three versions: Tractor based, /Motor based and Self-propelled Engine based


Bio-compost Mixing & Bag Filling

  • Mixing of different components of Bio-Compost.
  • Bag filling & weighing of Bio-Compost bags with 6MT/hr speed.
  • Bag Filling of desired size.


Straw Pasteurization Machine

  • Atomized hot water Pasteurization, Conditioning, Spawning & Bag filling
  • Power saving solution with recycling of hot water
  • Available in varying capacity from 50 kg to 1000 kg straw pasteurization per cycle


Compost Tunnel
  • Insulated panel tunnel with air ducts and AHU for the pasteurization of compost
  • Completely automatic system with temperature control & fresh air supply for conditioning
Composting AHU
  • Composting Tunnel Air Handling Unit (AHU) is used to provide appropriatetemperature to compost inside tunnel so that bacteria can start the natural biological process inside tunnel to prepare compost.
  • This AHU is automatically control via Control Panel so no need to worrying about temperature condition inside tunnel.