About Us

SM Biotech

We are the manufacturer of all kinds of Mushroom Farming Machinery and provides complete Mushroom Project Consultancy services which include our visit to their farm, project report formation which is prepared by our CA, Site Mapping, complete Farm Layout prepared by our Civil Engineer, Insulated Puff Panel rooms construction, Composting Unit Formation and installation of latest technology based fully and semiautomatic machinery under the supervision repudiated scientist and consultant. We also dealing in all type of shed constructions work which includes formation of Pree-Fabricated shed which are used for multipurpose. Mushroom Machinery | MushroomMachines.com –This shed work is completed under the guidance of our highly experienced & expertise team.

We also provide our services to Old Mushroom Farm which needs automation. For this automation our expertise will visit to their farm and with their magnificent knowledge and matured experience suggest them the best possible way to atomized old methodology with the lasts one.
We installed so many mushroom farms and supplied our manufactured machinery to variety of Mushroom Farm located in diversified States in India as well as in overseas. We are the manufactured as well as exporter also as our machineries are delivered to overseas. Our Supplied Machinery and Farms are located in Murthal Haryana, Rohana Uttar Pradesh, Sonipath Haryana, Telangana Andhra Pradesh, Morena Madhya Pradesh, Chennai Tamilnadu, Punjab, Kota Rajasthan, Mumbai Maharashtra, Kooch Behar West Bangal and Kenya Africa etc.

We work with an aim to provide customize solution to our customer as per there Project requirement as we are the manufacturer of wide range of Mushroom Farming Machinery. Our Machineries are fully Automatic, Computerized as well as semiautomatic based on customer need. Our machineries helpful to maintained control environmental condition inside growing room and composting tunnel so throughout the season customer received best quality of Compost and superior grade of Mushrooms in bulk amount without affecting by external temperature & Humidity. Our highly qualified and hard working team with their innovative ideas and technical mind working on the each & every challenging task faced in mushroom field and to grow this Mushroom field worldwide for the goodwill of humanity.

Founder of this Company

Mr. Shashank Maheshwari
ME Biotechnology BITS Pilani

He is the Director of this company. He is doing the administration of Machinery Manufacturing department & Machinery Designing team. He supervises all mushroom projects with his masterly skills and expertise knowledge to run them successfully towards Completion.
He completed his Masters in Engineering from Birla institute of Technology & Science, BITS Pilani. During his masters he worked on a self funded project on “Production of Oyster Mushroom & Characterization of its Anti-obesity property” and also worked on another research project on Scale up Production of Cynovirin-N, a HIV Microbicide. After that he worked in a National Agri Food Biotech Institute, Where he worked on a research project on Molecular Characterization of Gemini-Virus Infecting Wheat India.
During his studies and research on Mushroom he develops diversion in mushroom field and starts his endless carrier journey towards the vast field of Mushroom.
During his Startup carrier in Mushroom Field, he develops an extensive knowledge and distinguished experience in multidisciplinary field of Mushroom Farming. His research paper on Mushroom Cultivation with the title of “A Guide for White Button Mushroom (Agaricusbisporus) Production”is published in an International journal.
He is the pioneer in manufacturing complete range of Mushroom Farming Machinery in India. He installed Mushroom farm all over India as Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Telangana, West Bangal, Tamilnadu as well as outside of India (Kenya, Africa). He emphasizes his master stroke technology and skillful experience to manufactured Automatic machineries in the field of Mushroom farming which minimizes human error & increases the mushroom production throughout the year. In his carrier of mushroom field he installed various of mushroom farm & Composting Unit which are fully automatic and semiautomatic with latest technology based machinery and infrastructure as well as he do atomization of old mushroom farms with advanced machinery and structure.

Advisor at SM Biotech

Dr. B Vijay

He was the Principal Scientist (Mushrooms) w.e.f. 1st July 1997 to 30th Sept. 2013 at Directorate of Mushroom Research, Solan (HP), at present he is working as a Advisor in SM Biotech, A unit of Mushroom Machinery Manufacturing Pvt Ltd, Muzaffarnagar, UP, India.