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Mushroom is the only fungi that are being consumed by the human beings and arguably the first intentional human production. It was in the era of 1700’s in France Agaricus Button mushrooms were unintentionally first cultivated. From there the trend of mushroom cultivation began. By 1920’’s Spawn Lab Machines Setup methods were developed for a control growth of the mushrooms. Soon it became a profitable business to grow mushrooms in the west as it grew round the year and the Mushroom Growing Rooms also had nutritional value. Hence the people too started consuming mushrooms and farmers began to Mushroom Machines in a huge scale.

The Indian subcontinent is also witnessing the growth in mushroom cultivation in the recent span of years. Now there are modernized Mushroom Machinery which are helping the farmers to grow huge number of mushrooms in a short duration. Like the Automation of Mushroom Growing Unit. It is available in two versions, tractor based and the self propelled engine based. It is mainly used in the button mushroom compositing preparation. It assists in maintaining the moisture level in compost and also provides good aeration as well. It is very cost effective machinery. It supports the mixing, aeration moisture level and bacterial growth. It concentrates so much on the moisture level since it is very crucial for the good bacterial growth.

Mushroom Composting Unit Machinery is another machinery that comprises the composting unit machinery. Its functioning consists of complete automatic function for pasteurization, conditioning, spawning and bag filling. It reduces the man power usage and wastage of water as well.

Bio compost mixing and bag filling machinery is also one of them. The function of this machine is compost mixing at a very high speed and filling the bag at high sped as well. The speed of the work increases three fold times for the both compost and bag filling can be done at the same time and is able to handle large amount of bio compost. This also reduces the cost of the labor and packaging and the mixing of compost. These three components of the composting unit machinery play a very important part in the Mushroom Growing process. The Mushroom Growing Rooms help a lot in rapid production of the mushrooms and improve the quality of the yielded crop. Also they are very cost effective and the number of manpower that is required is very less.

Summary :

Hence it can be said that the use of Mushroom Project Consultancy is a very advantageous for the farmers. The less number of time used by the machinery to process the whole cultivation adds a greater production value and the farmer can sell his product more frequently rather than waiting for a longer period. Hence it can be said that the introduction of the Mushroom Growing Rooms in the mushroom production line has indeed revolutionized the mushroom cultivation industry.



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